My Family Friend


My Family Friend is my Windermere based business. I offer a friendly, person focused service for those who want to retain their independence by investing in affordable, customised support.
My approach is to work with you to devise a program of support that suits your needs, or the needs of your loved one.

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About Me


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Offering quality social care with My Family Friend is my way of giving back to my community and doing something practical to address the problem of isolation experienced by too many elderly people today. I have professional counselling and assessment qualifications and experience and have completed years of ongoing training to help me work safely, successfully and in a person-centred way with others and I continue to add to those skills.

I also have and experience of managing and supporting volunteers and am a volunteer myself for Age UK and for the Capturing Memories Project at Saint Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire.  I have personal experience of supporting someone with dementia and am a Dementia Friend.

Due to my lifelong interest in staying fit and healthy I trained as a ‘Seated, Gentle Exercise Coach’ for Age UK, with a class in Windermere.


Friendly & Supportive Services



Within the Home

I am happy to do light housework, such as vacuuming, dusting, ironing.  Cleaning out cupboards and other hard to reach places.  I can assist you or complete laundry tasks on my own.  Cooking and menu/shopping planning, as well as preparing meals.  I can act as your support in the kitchen or just accomplish tasks for you.

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Home Reorganisation

Sometimes life changes necessitate a change in lifestyle.  Sometimes we just fancy a change! I can help you plan a more functional or aesthetic lay-out within your home.  I have an excellent level of fitness and what we cannot accomplish between us, I know just who to call!  Sometimes these tasks may just be just practical and physical.  Sometimes there may be an emotional journey.  I have had a working lifetime of helping people face and deal positively with life events which may remind us of loss.  I can be a warm sensitive, supportive companion.

Cozy Room

Company and Companionship

Do you have a hobby or activity which would be fun to share? Either in your home or when you attend meetings or events, I can both accompany and transport you.  Social activities are often more fun when shared.  Consider an afternoon of indulgence at home, you supply a pot of tea, I will supply the cake!  

Perhaps an afternoon at the cinema or attending an interesting local event would be of interest to you? Visiting family or friends could be something we plan together, my role being to transport you and collect you again, at your convenience.  How does that sound?  Visiting places of interest from the past, can be lovely way to spend a dull afternoon.  We can plan the trip together and even take photographs of our adventure to share with family.

A trip to a cemetery, a hospital or clinic appointment, may not be a fun trip out. However, it may be a necessity and shared with someone, all problems of transport, parking etc are eased.  Would you or someone you know, find support with this sort of task useful?


Support & Social Contact on your behalf

We have all read the statistics from Age UK.  Although your loved one may not be one of the million people, who may go weeks without company.  This does not mean they would not benefit from regular companionship and support, when you are unable to provide it yourself
I have both the expertise and experience to become a trusted, friendly face. Someone to take a genuine interest in your loved one, providing companionship and help with day to day tasks.  
Families and workplaces today are mobile, families do not always live, or work, as close to each other as they used to.  Those who provide regular care are unable to be totally available 365 days a year.  Speak to me about support and social contact on your behalf.

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Healthy Living

Although I am not a health professional, I am both sensible and happy to help you find ways to follow medical advice.  Such as a medically prescribed diet or lifestyle change.  Support with rehabilitation, if you are recovering from a health event.  Healthy eating is not a mystery to me and successfully embedding an exercise routine prescribed by a health professional is possible.  I am living proof!

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Supporting You and Your Loved one

Supporting or just caring for a loved one, can be as challenging as it is rewarding.  Share the care!  I can provide short breaks for family and carers.  I have some experience of supporting frail people and those with early onset dementia.  I also have a personal interest in social history.  I have an extensive Memory Box which can be tailored to suit your loved one.  Memorabilia and historical items are a wonderful way to recall the past and enhance conversation.  As are interactive nostalgic memory lane games, designed to create stress free and fun nostalgia.

Lasting Friendship

Looking after your Best Friend

Although you may have the time and energy to look after your pet most days.  Are there days when you would rather stay warm and cosy indoors?  I can independently walk and groom your pet for you. 
I am also happy to accompany you and your dog on your adventures, either to the park or the vets.  
Whatever works best for you.  I can exercise your pet regularly or be available for the occasional longer more adventurous walk.  I am an experienced dog walker and would love the opportunity to share in your fun.


Transportation and Shopping

Let me drive you to your appointments.  If being accompanied takes the strain out of the experience, then I am happy to stay with you during your appointment.  Your choice!  Hospital appointments or visits, the dentist, vet’s or hairdressers can all be less stressful and more pleasant experiences with a friendly companion with a car.

Or let me take the strain out of shopping!  I can take you, help you to choose your personal or household shopping, then do the heavy work and unpack when we get home.  Alternatively, I can complete shopping and other errands, without supervision and am happy to unpack and organise the purchases when I return with them.


Helping you Enjoy Life

With the support of My Family Friend, I hope to make a difference and enable you to continue to enjoy a full life.

Senior Dance

Prices and Booking

I keep my costing simple and try to be as flexible as possible to tailor my service to suit you.  Primarily my aim is to offer you good value quality companionship.  If you chose that we spend our time on particular tasks or activities, then we agree on a simple contract.  Which I will write and leave with you.  I want you to be clear and confident about our arrangement.

3 hours sessions

Typically, morning sessions can start at 10.00am in the morning until 1.00pm in the afternoon.  Although if needed I am available from 8.00am in the morning.

Afternoon sessions typically start at 2.00pm in the afternoon, ending at 5.00pm in the evening.  Again, there is flexibility around timings. 



When sessions longer than 3 hours are required, every extra half hour is charged at £10.00 per 30 minutes.

Sessions can be focused on one activity or several you are the boss!. 


Shorter Sessions of just 1 Hour

Ideal for help with smaller tasks. Or perhaps a relaxing chat over a pot of tea while you share your day. Sometimes listening is all it takes to brighten your day or ease a concern.

What we do is up to you!


I try and arrange these shorter one hour sessions around my 3 hour morning and afternoon sessions.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Any Extra Expenses

Items such as parking charges incurred as part of an activity are passed on at cost. Fuel costs as part of a session are charged at a standard 45p per mile.

Charges for My Family Friend are based on an initial coverage area of within 5 miles of central Windermere. There may be a slight increase in costs to cover mileage for further travel, for example beyond Ambleside.  However I am more than happy to provide a quote for any service so there are no hidden surprises.